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Summary And Characters

Sakura Wars is about ensign Ichiro Ogami becoming the leader of the Imperial Assault Force, an all girls giant robot fighting team. These girls are special because of their power to control the giant robots. Ichiro Ogami suprisingly has the same type of power himself and can control a robot also. This is also a video game and a manga titled Sakura Taisen.

Sakura Taisen is the name of one of the main characters and she is very clumsy and has a fear of mice. She fights with her sword which was given to her from her family. She would be very good at a lead if Sumire Kanzaki wasn't in her way.

Sumire Kanzaki is a spoiled brat with a lot of acting talent. She was the first to find her power and able to control the giant robots. She even named the Assault force, The Flower Division(Hanagumi) Imperial Assault force. And she also decided the colors of the robots. She enjoys the spotlight and ordering people around.

Maria Tachibana is the more mature and seirous of all the girls in the Assault force. She usually plays as a guy in the plays they put on and has the most experince with guns which is her main weapon.

Iris Chateaubriand is the youngest out of all of the Assault Frce and has a best friend teddy bear named Jean Paul. She has a crush on Ichiro. She is also from France which would explain her curly blonde hair and frilly clothes.

Kanna Kirishima is the red headed tomboy of the group and is very muscular. She is a martial Artist.


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