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Full Moon wo Sagashite (aka "Full Moon o Sagashite" or Full Moon; "Searching for the full moon") is a romantic comedy Shoujo manga and anime series by Manga-ka TANEMURA Arina. However, it is often found in the magical girl, or supernatural genres. Originally a seven volume manga released by Ribon in Japan and later by VIZ Media in the US, it was eventually made into a fifty-two episode series with one thirteen minute special. The anime was published by Nihon Ad Systems and aired by TV Tokyo. Against common practise, the anime for Full Moon wo Sagashite was created and completed before the manga story had ended due to its vast popularity.

The story revolves around a twelve year old girl named Mitsuki who has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Despite this, her dream is to become a famous singer, partly due to a promise she made with her childhood friend and first love, Eichi-kun. Though talented as she may be, her throat cancer prevents her from talking for long periods of time or speaking too loudly. Until one day, two Shinigami appear before her and turn her life upside down.



One day, two Shinigami appear from her wall while she is pouting over not being able to go to a singing audition, and Mitsuki is taken aback. The Shinigami, surprised that she can see them, announce themselves as Takuto and Meroko of Negi Ramen and accidentally state that she has one year to live. With this realization, Mitsuki becomes even more determined to sing and sneaks to the audition. The Shinigami follow her and use their animal plush disguises to capture her and try to prevent her from going. Eventually she convinces the Shinigami to help her, bargaining that if she wasn’t accepted, then she wouldn’t create trouble when the day comes for her soul to be taken by them.

Takuto, seeing her desperation, agreed to the bargain. Mitsuki then mentioned that to audition, she also had to be sixteen years old. With that Takuto, using his powers, transformed Mitsuki into a healthy sixteen year old girl. Mitsuki then proceeded to enter the audition where she met Madoka who, intimidated by Mitsuki's "natural beauty", convinced her that the judges had already chosen a winner and that the contest was for show. Mitsuki, now discouraged, went before the judges and began to sing quietly, embarrassed, discouraged, and not used to singing loud. Takuto, who had been watching from the window, reminded Mitsuki that she hadn't come all that way just to be weak and that this was her only opportunity. With this, Mitsuki put her heart into her song and was immediately claimed the winner of the Seed Records auditions. When asked her name, she thought back on her love for Eichi and his words that they would always be under the same moon, Mitsuki replied "Full Moon", thusly creating her alias.


Character Voiced by
KOUYAMA Mitsuki / Full Moon    Myco
KIRA Takuto SAITOU Yasuo
YUI Meroko HONDA Chieko
WAKAOUJI Keiichi OGAWA Teruaki
OSHIGE Masami SEO Tomomi
RIO Izumi OGATA Megumi
  • KOUYAMA Mitsuki
    Mitsuki, a twelve year old girl with throat cancer, is the main protagonist of the story. She lived in an orphanage for a short time when she was younger after her parents died, where she met Eichi. Eichi and her quickly became unseperable and though Mitsuki didn't know it then, she had fallen in love with him. Eichi is soon adopted by an American family and he and Mitsuki make promises to each other that they will meet again when he has acheived his dream of being an astronomer, and she a famous singer. Before he leaves, he confesses his feelings of love for her. Stunned, Mitsuki doesn't say anything in return and Eichi apologizes, telling her to forget him. Soon after, Mitsuki's grand-mother, Fuzuki, comes and takes her. Since then, Mitsuki has lived with her. Because of her throat cancer, she is often unable to attend school and consequently, has no friends. Her favourite thing to do is sing, but is constantly ridiculed for it by her grand-mother. Though she knows the seriousness of her illness, Mitsuki retains her bright, optimistic attitude and is constantly trying to sneak into singing auditions and hoping to become famous so that she can find Eichi.
  • Full Moon
    Full Moon is Mitsuki's alter ego. Her mind, character and voice are Mitsuki's, however there are some differences - caused by the transformation thanks to Takuto's powers -: Her body is the one of a 16-year-old girl (thus a little taller) and healthy, no more throat cancer. Her hair is blonde, while Mitsuki's is brown. She usually carries a handbag which is large enough to contain Takuto and Meroko in their stuffend animal forms. Her first audition is where she meets her top rival, Madoka, and is convinced by Madoka to not audition. Full Moon, however, proceeds to audition, being too quiet at first until Takuto (disguised as a judge) convinces her, subtley, to proceed. Enlightened by the encouragement, she does her best and woos the entire panel of judges.
    Unlike in the anime, in the manga Full Moon doesn't immediately become a super successful star and has to strive to stay on the music charts at all. Also, to do so, she has more songs in the manga, including "Ange" and "Missing Link".
  • SAKURAI Eichi
    Eichi is Mitsuki's friend from childhood. They were both in the same orphanage until an American couple decided upon adopting Eichi. At which point, he had to leave his best friend, Mitsuki. Eichi was the first person to make Mitsuki feel comfortable and they were inseperable. When it was time for Eichi to fly to America, he confessed his feelings of love to Mitsuki, which left her dumbfounded and speechless. He thereafter shrugged it off and told her to forget about him before leaving with his new family. In the anime, Eichi is found to be dead after already having been in America. However, in the manga, his plane crashes and he dies in the ocean thinking of Mitsuki.
  • KIRA Takuto
    Now a Shinigami, Takuto was a former band member of Route: L when he was young, being the lead singer while he was alive. Takuto pursued a solo career after Route: L, which was soon shot down when it was found he suffered from throat cancer and he would have to have surgery on his throat by which he might lose his voice. In the manga, he then jumped from the hospital roof and killed himself. In the anime, Takuto dies by driving his motorcycle and losing control because he had tears in his eyes, causing him to spin out and fly off the edge of a cliff as what is depicted to be suicide as well. Now as a not yet full Shinigami (he doesn not have wings of his own yet), he and his partner, Meroko, are in charge of Mitsuki until the fated day of her death, one year from their arrival. On that day, they are to take her soul and Takuto will then become a full Shinigami. Throughout the series he tries to remain detached from Mitsuki, however, he continually does nice things for her and eventually is the one that transforms her into Full Moon. Upon hearing her voice in the audition, he is captivated and from then on, continues to support her career.
  • YUI Meroko
    Meroko is Takuto's Shinigami partner in Negi-Ramen and has been since he first became a Shinigami. Once partnered and in love with Izumi, she was seperated per his request and given charge of Takuto to train him. Since then, she's fallen in love with the latter and continually confesses this. Meroko is really upbeat and is always schemeing to find ways to help Mitsuki or cause trouble. Often jealous of how Takuto pays attention and helps Mitsuki, she gets emotional and cries (usually in her rabbit form) until Mitsuki consoles her and encourages her in her quest to triumph Takuto's heart. Meroko keeps track of Mitsuki's progress, originally trying to keep anything from preventing Mitsuki's death. Eventually she grows to care very much for Mitsuki and proceeds to try to find ways to prevent Mitsuki's death and helps her and Takuto to continue Full Moon's career.
    When Meroko was alive, her name was Moe Rikyou and she had been Fuzuki's best friend. One day the both met a violinist and spent much time with him, the three of them becomming very close. Moe fell in love with the violinist, however, he was in love with Fuzuki. The violinist, being very successful and wealthy, had asked to be engaged to Fuzuki, the engagement accepted, Moe was then unwillingly engaged to Fuzuki's ex-fiance. Upon finding this out, she ran to Fuzuki's house to find that it was true and had caught the violinist and Fuzuki kissing. Fuzuki, knowing how Moe had felt, tried to apologize, but was unable to when Moe had fled. Later, Moe's fiance attempted to rape her. It was then that she ran away, sulking in the rain, Moe cut her wrists until she bled to death.
    In the manga, Meroko was able to settle the issue with Fuzuki after finding out that she was Mitsuki's grand-mother and therefore had not married the violinist. Meroko confronted Fuzuki in the form of her human self as a ghost and consoled Fuzuki, apologizing herself. From then on, Meroko frequently visits Fuzuki in her plush rabbit form.
  • WAKAOUJI Keiichi
    Wakaouji-sensei is Mitsuki's doctor, as well as a former band member of Route: L (under the alias Prince) and was close friends with both Aoi and Hazuki until their deaths. During his time in Route: L, he met a young and enthused Oshige who had been completely in love with him as any fan, however, Wakaouji was in love with Hazuki, and neglected Oshige's quiet feelings of adoration, not recognizing their existence. Wakaouji admits to have loved Hazuki until she died, but was happy for her and Aoi. After Route: L, he turned his back on music and proceeded into his current medical career, which is what he always wanted to do. Because of his feelings and love for Aoi and Hazuki, Wakouji feels responsible for the well-being of Mitsuki and cares for her as if she were his own daughter.
  • OSHIGE Masami
    Oshige-san is Full Moon's spunky manager. Until the nearing end of the anime series (and middle of the manga), she is completely clueless to the fact that Full Moon is actually Mitsuki, though on several occasions she comes close to figuring it out. Upon Mitsuki telling Oshige about her secret, she and Wakaouji work together to conceal the secret and work to set her schedule so that she can perform, but still have mandatory check ups. It is later insinuated, and confirmed, that she and Wakaouji form a relationship.
  • KOUYAMA Fuzuki
    Fuzuki is Mitsuki's grandmother who detests music after her daughter, Hazuki, ran away with Route: L member, Aoi. She is constantly telling Mitsuki to stop singing, under the reasoning that she blames music for the death of her daughter. She is strict on Mitsuki, but it is later made clear that she does so in order to care for her and "prevent music from taking Mitsuki like it had taken Hazuki".
  • KOUYAMA Hazuki
    Hazuki was the mother of Mitsuki, who died in an accident with Aoi when Mitsuki was young. She loved music and against her mother's will, ran away with Aoi after finding out she was pregnant with Mitsuki.
  • KOGA Aoi
    Aoi was Mitsuki's father and band member of Route: L. He died with Hazuki in an accident while Mitsuki was still young. It is later discovered he had a very strong impression on younger band member/lead singer, Takuto.
  • WAKAMATSU Madoka
    Madoka is Full Moon's first and main rival. She first meets her at her first audition, where Madoka tells Full Moon the winner had already been set before the audition itself began to try and scare Full Moon out of auditioning because she felt that the "cuteness" of Full Moon would outstage herself. Full Moon, however, proceeds to audition anyway. Later both Full Moon and Madoka apply for a TV commercial, where Madoka pulls all tricks to out-match her opponent.
    Her grudge against Full Moon is actually caused by the fact that she has always felt inferior to others and suffered much ridicule for having plastic surgery to become beautiful and pursue her singing career, whereas she thinks that Full Moon is naturally beautiful and talented and therefore doesn't have to work as hard.
  • RIO Izumi
  • Jonathan


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