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Amu Hinamori "the Joker" 日奈森 亜夢 Hinamori Amu

Amu Hinamori.
Amu Hinamori.

Amu Hinamori is the series protagonist. At the start of the series, she is a fifth year student at Seiyo Elementary. Her outside character is that of a "cool and spicy" girl, but her real personality is of a much more shy, docile, and easily intimidated girl. One night, she wished that she could have the courage to become her real self and the next morning she found three shugo eggs. Those eggs later hatched into her Shugo Charas, Ran, Miki and Su. She shortly after joined the school's Guardians, all of whose members also have Shugo Charas, and was given the "Humpty Lock" which allows her to Character Transform. She became the "Joker" of the Guardians, her role being to catch and cleanse the X eggs, and was therefore, the Guardians' "Trump Card", as Kukai puts it. Later in the series, Amu gives birth to a fourth shugo egg, Dia, who had been xed and accompanied Utau who character transformed with her, and is later able to do a Character Transformation with her. Amu's Character Transformations include, Amulet Heart with Ran, Amulet Spade with Miki, Amulet Clover with Su and Amulet Diamond with Dia. She can also Character Transform with Hoshina Utau's Shugo Charas, El and Il. She transforms into Amulet Angel and Amulet Devil, respectively. Amu has her own personal style when it comes to fashion, seen in the way she wears her school uniform and the way she dresses. At the start of the series she even said she wouldn't wear the Guardians' cape because it conflicted with her fashion sense. She is often seen panicking over what to wear whenever she meets Tadase or when she goes out with the Guardians. Amu can be described as "a girl with many loves". Her main crush is Tadase, but it is implied that she likes Ikuto too (even though she denies it).


Tadase Hotori 辺里 唯世 Hotori Tadase

Tadase Hotori.
Tadase Hotori.

Tadase Hotori is the King's Chair in the Guardians. He is very kind and mature with "loli-shouta" type good looks. He is obsessed with dominating the world, which is where his Chara, Kiseki, comes in. Whenever Tadase hear's the word "Prince" (ouji), he automatically assumes it refers to him and Character changes into his king-like character. He knows Amu likes him, but he rejected her. He then later likes Amu's transformation Amulet Heart. Aferwards, he begins to like Amu herself. In the begining of the series, he can only Character Change. Although, with help from Amu, he can Transform and becomes Platinum Royale. He has known Utau and Ikuto since he was small, but doesn't like to talk about them since their friendship was torn apart by betrayal.

Nadeshiko/Nagihiko Fujisaki 藤咲 なでしこ Fujisaki Nadeshiko

Nadeshiko was in the beginning of the series the Queen's Chair. She was Amu's best friend and practiced traditional Japanese dancing. Later in the series she left to study abroad and left Amu, who was devastated. Nadeshiko(this time Nagihiko) Showed up to Amu's surprise, who still thinks Nagihiko is Nadeshiko's twin brother(same people actually). This time Amu thinks he joined the gaurdians and will stay for the whole semester. Temari had gone back into her egg and Rythm's egg had appeared, so Nagihiko was confused at that time. Later on, Rythm's egg hatches and he does a character transformation. At the end of the third season or "Shugo Chara! Doki Dokki!" Temari's egg hatches again and he does a character transformation with her and creates "The Queen's Waltz" with Rima.

Nadeshiko Fujisaki.
Nadeshiko Fujisaki.
Image:Nagihiko Fujisaki.jpg
Nagihiko Fujisaki

Souma Kukai 相馬 空海 Sōma Kūkai

Souma Kukai was in the beginning of the series the Jack's Chair but later he graduates in to middle school. He loves to play soccer.Kukai is also Captain of the Soccer team.
Kukai Souma
Kukai Souma

Yuika Yaya

Yaya Yuiki

Mashiro Rima

Sanjo Kairi

Characters outside Seiyo Elementary

Eastern Characters

Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Hoshina Utau

Guardian Charas


Ran, Miki, Suu
Ran, Miki, Suu

The first to hatch from the eggs. She has an athletic and honest character. She wears a pony tail, has a pink sun visor, a red themed cheerleader outfit, and a pink heart clip in her hair. In Character Change, Amu gains increased athletic ability.


Second to hatch from Amu's eggs. She has artistic flair and a cool, quiet character. She has a short bob hairstyle, a spade, sky blue beret and a blue themed outfit. Miki shows an interest to Tadese's character, Kiseki, and Ikuto's character, Yoru, which may reflect Amu's feelngs. Amu get's increased artistic ability during Character change.


The third to hatch from the shugo eggs. She has a skill for house work and baking sweets, but makes many silly mistakes. She has short hair with the sides grown long, curling inwards. Wears a green themed maid outfit with a bandanna and clover hair clip.


The fourth to hatch from Amu's eggs.

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