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Character Bio

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character of Eiichiro Oda's anime and manga series, One Piece. The character and story theme were originally used in Oda's one-shot manga, Romance Dawn. Luffy is the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates, and from the beginning of the story, aims to become the Pirate King and find the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece.

He tends to follow the stereotypical Shounen style main character: an overactive appitite, goofy, courageous, and with the potential to become very strong. Though as the series starts off, Luffy is already very strong, and as such, has no need to trying using his Devil's Fruit abilities in a new way until much later on.

Easily identified by his straw hat with a red band around it, a red vest(a hoody in at least one movie), and rolled up shorts, he also has a scar under his eye, given to him by Higuma the Bear when he was 8 years old. This scene is not depicted in the anime.

Roronoa Zoro is the swordsman and first mate of Luffy's pirate crew.

Namiis the first female in Luffy's crew. She is the navigator of the bunch and also the thief of the group.

Usoppis the sniper in the group. He tells alot of lies due to psycological prroblems caused by his father Yassop who said he would return after going adventuring in Shanks' crew. The crew finally get a ship after defeating Kuro. the ship was a gift from Usopp's friend Kana

Sanjiwas the assistant chef of the Baratie floating restaurant and is now the chef on board the Going Merry. He joins after Luffy defeats Don Krieg of the Pirate Armada. he only uses his legs in fighting because then his hands won't get dirty. Sanji

Nefertiti Vivi

Tony Tony Chopper

Nico Robin


BrookBrook (ブルック, Burukku), nicknamed "Dead Bones Brook", is a 88-year old musician but also second captain of the rumbar pirate. He is a skeleton, resurrected by the Revive-Revive Fruit (ヨミヨミの実, Yomi Yomi no Mi), a paramecia-type devil fruit, which grants its eater a second life. He is a musician, who claims being able to play any instrument and a skilled fencer, who uses a Japanese cane sword named shikomizue, His lightweight body allows him to jump extraordinarily high and an ability to run across water. His gentleman like manner is in reverse to his incredibly bad manners: He bluntly requests to see women's panties when he see a beautifull woman, helps himself to people's food, and belches out loud on the dinner table. Brook is voiced by Chō in the Japanese version of the anime.


East Blue Arcs

Captain Morgan Arc

The Morgain arc serves primarily as in introductory for Luffy. It is here where we are introduced to Luffy's character and abilities. In the first episode he defeats the pirate Alvida, and Captain Morgan. He meets and separates from Coby, and gains his first crewmate, Roronoa Zoro

Captain Buggy Arc

Luffy attempts to get his hat back from a bird, which lands him in Port Town. Here he "formally" meets Nami, who uses him as a decoy to get her close to Captain Buggy. Luffy is trapped in a cage, but soon rescued by Zoro, who takes him away, though still in the cage. Luffy later breaks free from the cage on his own to fight Mohji the Lion Tamer, Buggy's first mate. Luffy later goes on to defeat Buggy himself, along with the help of Nami.

Captain Kuro Arc

In this arc, Luffy and the crew go to a small island, which hosts the small town of Syrup Village. Here they gain a new crewmember, Ussop, whom becomes their lying sharpshooter. With the help of Ussop, the rest of the crew fights Captain Kuro and his lackeys, of which include Jango, and the Nyaban brothers, also known as the Meowban brothers, Sham and Buchi. After the fight, the crew leaves, along with a new ship, the Going Merry.

Baratie Restaurant Arc

The crew, with the help of Nami's navigational skills, arrive at the Baratie. Luffy accidentally shot a cannon at the roof of the Baratie, issuing him a year of work there, while the rest of the crew lounges around. After a while, Gin, a starving crewmate of Don Krieg's Pirate Armada, comes demanding food. This leads to Don Kreig arriving at the scene, explaining that their Armada was depleted to merely one ship by a single man, Hawk-eye Mihawk. After a while Mihawk arrives, Zoro challenges him, and loses, gaining himself a scar across his chest. Mihawk leaves, claiming he has had enough fun. Luffy then defeats Don Kreig, and Nami runs off with the boat, and the crew gains a new member, Sanji, whom becomes their flirty cook.

Arlong Arc

Logue Town Arc

Grand Line Arcs

Baroque Arcs

Warship Island Arc
Laboon Arc
Whiskey Peak Arc
Little Garden Arc
Drum Island Arc
Alabasta Arc
Filler Arc 1
Goat Island Filler Arc
Rainbow Mist Filler Arc

Sky Island Arcs

Jaya Arc
Skypiea Arc
G8 Filler Arc

CP9 Arcs

Davy Back Arc
Ocean's Dream Arc
Water 7 Arc
Enies Lobby Arc

Florian Triangle Arcs

Thriller Bark


Monkey D. Luffy's known family consists of:

Monkey D. Garp - Grandfather, Marine Vice-Admiral

Monkey D. Dragon - Father, Infamous Revolutonary

Portagas D. Ace - Brother, White Beard Pirates 2nd in command.

Devil's Fruit Abilities

Luffy's abilities stem from his consumption of the Gomu Gomu no mi, one of the many types of Devil's Fruit.

This initial ability gave Luffy the ability to stretch his body in various ways, which allowed him to use various attacks by increasing the speed, and thereby the force, of his hits. It also gave him the defensive attribute of being resistant to gunfire and cannonfire, all of which will bounce off of him. Despite this, he is still vulnerable to attacks which involve slicing and stabbing.

As with all Devil's fruit abilities, Luffy lost his ability to swim, and becomes a hammer in the water.

Notable attacks

Gomu Gomu no Pistol: A single shot punch preformed by stretching his arm backwards, and allowing it to bounce forward quickly.

Gomu Gomu no Bazooka: A two handed impact peformed by stretching both arms backwards, and allowing them to bounce forward quickly.

Gomu Gomu no Fuusen: Sucking in a large amount of air to expand the body like a balloon.

Gomu Gomu no Stamp: A two footed impact preformed by stretching the legs.

Gear Second

Gear Second is Luffy's first innovation of his Devil's Fruit abilities. First used against CP9's Blueno, the technique gives Luffy an incredible burst of speed and strength and the cost of his stamina.

The technique is activated when Luffy uses his legs as pumps to get blood flowing much faster within his body. The blood pressure would cause the organs of a normal person to burst, but because of Luffy's rubber traits, his body can handle this pressure. Because of this increased blood flow, more oxygen is delivered to his muscles, acting almost like a steroid, as said by CP9's Rob Lucci. In this state, Luffy's skin is tinted red as a result of the blood flow, and because of his body heat rising as a result, he sweats, but it is quickly evaporated from his skin, causing steam to rise from his body.

All attacks Luffy performs in this state are similar to his old attacks, but due to their speed, he adds "Jet" before each one of them. For example: Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol.

This technique has multiple downsides. The first is Luffy's quick loss of stamina, which means that the technique can only last for a short period of time, and he will be drained afterward. Secondly, as mentioned by Rob Lucci, he is damaging his body by using it, and potentially shortening his life, though Luffy says that is body just isn't used to it yet. And effect on his life span is not known for sure.

Gear Third

Gear third is Luffy's second alternative use of his Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities. First used, but not seen, to break through a massive steel door in Enies Lobby, this technique allows Luffy to greatly increase his stength and power, but slows him down in effect.

To use this technique, Luffy inhales a large amount of air, and plugs his mouth using his thumb. He then bites into the joint of his thumb, and exhales, allowing the air to enter into his bones, thus taking advantage of the elasticity of his rubber bones. The limb of his arm is blown up to massive size, but unlike a technique such as his Gomu Gomu no Fuusen, the limb remains hard rather than becoming balloon like. Luffy's torso acts as a transfer point for the air, which can be distributed from limb to limb through the bones and joints. This technique was first used in combat against Rob Lucci, who was quick to take advantage of it's slow speed, but only after taking several significant blows.

All of Luffy's attacks in this form are the same as his normal state, but he adds the word "Giant" before the attack, representing the increased size of his limb. Ex: Gomu Gomu no Giant Pistol.

Like Gear Second, Gear Third has multiple downsides. The first is, as previously mentioned, Luffy's speed in this state is significantly slower. There is the slight upside that this technique can be used after Gear Second, because it does not require the stamina that Gear Second requires. The second is an aftereffect which causes Luffy to enter a "chibi" state, in which he is shrunken to only about a quarter of his size. Only seen twice, it appears that Luffy does not have the ability to use his rubber abilities in this state. This "chibi" state lasts only several minutes, but leaves Luffy very vulnerable. So far Luffy's only strategy for defense in this state is to run away and/or hide.


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