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Negima is a manga/anime by Ken Akamatsu about the ten year old magician, Negi Springfield going to Mahora Privet Adcademy to teach an English to an all girls class.(all Magicians get a deploma with where they are going to go for their career) While talking with the head master he tells Negi that he has to teach until school is out and that he must stay in Asuna Kagaruzaka's room who at the beginning of the story he has a bad acounter with. They later become friends and magical partners. Also, Negi must keep the secret of his magic or the magic board will turn him into a weasel. Now he has to make sure that he keeps the secret of his magic and protect the 31 students in his class.

Student Number 1: Sayo Aisaka: no clubs(?)
Student Number 2: Yuna Akashi: basketball team
Student Number 3: Kazumi Asukura: school newspaper
Student Number 4: Yue Ayase: children's literature club, philosophy club, and library exploration club
Student Number 5: Ako Izumi: nurses oficice and soccer team.(non school activity)
Student Number 6: Akira Okochi: swim team
Student Number 7: Misa Kakizaki: cheer laeder and chorus
Student Number 8: Asuna Kagurazaka: art club
Student number 9: Misori Kasuga: track and field
Student Number 10: Chachamaru Karakuri: teaceromny(sp) club, the go club
Student Number 11: Madoka Kugimiya: cheer leader
Student Number 12: Ku Fei: Chinese martial arts group
Student Number 13: Konoka Konoe: secretary, fortune telling club, library exploration club
Student Number 14: Haruna Saotome: manga club, library exploration club
Student Number 15: Setsuna Sakurazaki: Japanese fencing
Student Number 16: Makie Sasaki: gymnastics
Student Number 17: Sakurako Shiina: Lacross team, cheerleader
Student Number 18: Mana Tatsumiya: biathalon(non school activaty)
Student Number 19: Chao Lingshen: cooking club, Chinese martial arts club, robotics club, Chinese medicine club, bio engineering club, quantum physics club,(university)
Student Number 20: Kaede Nagase: walking club

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