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Ouran Highschool Host Club is an anime about an intelligent, underprivledged, young woman who becomes indebted to a bizarre club of bishonen and must pass as a member in order to pay off her debt.

General Information

Produced by Bones in 2006, the series has 26 episodes based on the manga by Hatori Bisuko.


Fujioka Haruhi
Sudo Tamaki
Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Hitachiin Hikaru
Hitachiin Kaoru
Otori Kyoya
Takashi Morinozuka


  • Episode 1:

Haruhi, the special student at the wealthy Ouran Academy, knocks over an expensive vase and has to pay off the debt to the Ouran Host Club (a group of bishonen who entertain girls for fun and profit). In order to faster pay off her debt, they allow Haruhi to dress as a male student and act as a host. At first some of the girls are jealous of the attention the new student garners, but the head of the club sorts out these issues, leaving Haruhi to work in peace.

  • Episode 2:

During a sakura blossum festival, Haruhi must learn to dance to participate in the club activities. The group also attempts to reunite a conflicted couple who are expected to marry. Tamaki's good intentions make Haruhi begin to question herj original judgements of the group.

  • Episode 3:

The students of Ouran must undergo official medical examinations every year. The Host Club must find a way to conceal Haruhi's gender. Tamaki's absurd plan goes awry, but the ever-careful Kyoya has a back-up. Just when everything appears to work out, one of the doctors is accused of molesting a girl. Haruhi appears to be in danger from the man, but quick action on the club's part sorts out the conflict.

  • Episode 4:

A young girl from France appears. She is an otaku of Kyoya's, believing him to be a character in her favorite dating sim. She convinces the group to change their roles within the club for better fanservice to their clients. While her plans do not quite work out, the girl stays as manager.

  • Episode 5:

The twins get into a large argument, thanks to Haruhi's thoughtless words. It's up to the rest of the host club to bring them back together. After Haruhi agrees to let the pair see her house if they make-up. They reveal it was one of their many practical jokes all along.

  • Episode 6:

A young boy comes seeking Tamaki's help. He wants to learn to please young women. Flattered, Tamaki takes on the job, but soon finds the boy to be a bit hard to work with. The club learns that he is really just trying to please a girl who is moving away. Tamaki encourages the boy to give her a parting gift that the two can share as a memory.

  • Episode 7:

The host club takes a break at the Otori family's indoor tropical healing center. After a mishap from the group's antics, Honey gets separated from the group. With Mori worrying about him, the club goes searching for Honey in the vast expanse of the center. Mori and Haruhi get separated from the group and Kyoya finally thinks to send his family's security after them. The patrol thinks Mori is a kidnapper, and threatens the pair until Honey appears to save the day.

  • Episode 8:

The group ends up at a real beach for their vacation time. Unfortunately, Kyoya invited their clients as well, so the group gets no break. Without Haruhi's knowledge, the rest of the club sets up a contest to see who can scare Haruhi first. Meanwhile, a group of the girls gets in trouble with some local riff-raffs. When Haruhi steps in, they throw her in the sea. Tamaki saves her, but the two fight over Haruhi's insistance on taking care of herself. They realize their differences and resolve the issue.

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