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A screenshot from the first opening theme, showing the main cast of Pokémon.
(Pocket Monsters)
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Shounen.
Anime : Pocket Monsters
Directed by Masamitsu Hidaka
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Music by {{{composer}}}
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Studio -
Network TV Tokyo
KidsWB (Past)
Cartoon Network
YTV Canada
Original run April 1, 1997 – Ongoing
No. of episodes 276 original series episodes, 191 Advanced Generation episodes, 55(Ongoing) Diamond and Pearl series episodes. 10 movies. A couple of specials and OVAs.

Pokémon (ポケットモンスター Pocket Monsters. Or simply ポケモン Pokémon for short) is an anime that is based on Nintendo's famous Pokémon video games, where players can 'catch' monsters using 'pokeballs'(which can be kept in a pocket, hence the name of the series). Some pokemon trainers choose to have Pokémon as companions, or use them in popular Pokémon battles where Pokémon battle each other.

The Pokémon anime is based on the video game creation called Pocket Monsters, created by Satoshi Tajiri. The video game series was first released in February 27, 1996 as Pocket Monsters Green and Pocket Monsters Red. The English games were released in September 30, 1998 as Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red (Green became Blue).

The Pokémon anime was created after the two video games gotten a lot of popularity (it wasn't very popular when first released), and on April 1, 1997 the first Pokémon anime episode was broadcasted on Japanese TV, which would eventally make the series what it is today - very popular and famous. The anime series generally has the same aspects you expect in the games. Characters catch Pokémon, use them in battles, battle gym leaders to earn badges, and try to gain to the top.

Eventally 4Kids had gotten the license to dub the Pokémon anime for American veiwers, and the episodes were originally aired on KidsWB.

The first episode to be shown in USA, was actually not the first episode. It was in fact episode number 15, Battle Aboard the St. Anne (サントアンヌごうのたたかい! Battle of the St. Anne!). This episode was shown as a 'sneak preveiw' and was first broadcasted on September 7, 1998. When this episode was aired as a sneak break, it was not shown in some places due to the annual Labor Day Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon airing instead. The first episode of Pokémon was aired in USA on September 8, 1998.

Pokémon USA (a.k.a the main Pokemon company of USA), as of January of 2006, had gotten the license to dub the Pokémon anime instead of 4Kids. Pokémon USA also planned to hire new voice actors instead of the original ones that 4Kids hired. The reaction from the fans was a mix bag. Some say it was a bad idea, others said it would be good, some didn't cared at all and others said that they would wait first. The voice actors from 4Kids who were the original voices for the main cast, were quite angry or upset.. and some of them didn't cared one bit. More about this subject will be found in its respective category.



The Pokémon anime is generally about a Pokémon trainer, named Ash Ketchum (サトシ Satoshi) whom dreams on becoming the world's greatest Pokémon master ever. To do this he must catch a lot of Pokémon, beat gym leaders and earn their gym badges, compete in Pokémon Leagues and win, and simply be a caring and loving trainer to all Pokémon, even toward ones he doesn't own.

The story begins with the "Indigo League" story arc, which is featured in the region of Kanto and is Ash's homeland. Ash lived in Pallet Town (マサラタウン Masara Town) and was probably(and most likely) studying to become a Pokémon trainer, under the supervision of Professor Oak (オーキド・ユキナリ博士 Dr. Yukinari Ōkido), who is a professor in the study of Pokémon. Ash also has a rival named Gary Oak (オーキドシゲル Shigeru Ōkido) who wants to best Ash in everything, including becoming a Pokémon Master.

The day to choose a 'starter Pokémon' soon arrives, but Ash accidentally broke his alarm clock during his 'dreaming' and wakes up late. All the starter Pokémon have been taken. But luckily Professor Oak offers him a non-starter Pokemon he has. A wild and untamed Pikachu, an electric rodent Pokémon. The two start their adventure on a very rocky start, as Pikachu hates its trainer. However after an attack from a flock of Spearow, a bird Pokémon, Pikachu learns to trust Ash and will eventally become his best companion.

As the rest of the story unfolds, Ash and Pikachu meet many new faces. Including Misty (カスミ Kasumi) a water Pokémon trainer, and Brock (タケシ Takeshi) who was a past gym leader. They become friends with Ash and decide to travel with him. There are also many other characters. Most characters only appear once and never make another appearence, others do make their second appearences or more. Those characters are often called "Character of the Day".

As more Pokémon video games are created, so are the number of regions, Pokémon and gyms. Thus you will always expect the Pokémon anime to keep on going without end. Thus this is why many of the seasons are seperated by story arcs, named after leagues of a region. For example, The Orange League is related to the Orange Islands filler episodes.

Genres and Age Ratings

Age Rating: All ages, nothing really objectable but 7-10+ is suggested. The Pokémon games have a lot of Pokemon battles, which makes it only right that the anime shares the same aspect. The first episodes have a lot of flashing lightning effects when an electric attack is used, as these were in the anime before the infamous " Computer Soldier Porygon" incident. So be careful about watching too close to the TV. Luckily, the flashing effects were toned down since the incident.

Pokémon rarely ever die from battles, but rather faint. There are references of dead humans or pokemon, some Pokemon(at least two) and a human were seen dying in the movies though. There are also some death threats too. Most of these were cut out by 4Kids in the dub. 4Kids also cut various other things. Basically what is okay to show in Japan, is questionable on a children's TV show in America or other parts of the world.

There is no actual romance in the series. The creators do put shippy moments at times, but do not heavily focus on it. There has been kissing(on the cheek, not the lips) and some hugging between characters. Most of the moments are often just hints. The creators of the anime do not wish to make certain characters a canon pairing in the anime.

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Shounen.

Primary Characters

As stated before, the Pokémon anime has many characters. Most only appear once or a few times. This list will only list the primary cast, that you see in nearly every episode or a lot in a certain story arc. Other characters shall be listed under their respective categories.

Ash Ketchum (サトシ Satoshi)

Ash's Pikachu (サトシのピカチュウ Satoshi's Pikachu)

Misty (カスミ Kasumi)

Brock (タケシ Takeshi)

Gary Oak (オーキドシゲル Shigeru Ōkido)

Jessie (ムサシ Musashi)

James (コジロウ Kojirō)

Team Rocket's Meowth (ニャース Nyarth)

May (ハルカ Haruka)

Max (マサト Masato)

Dawn (ヒカリ Hikari)

Paul (シンジ Shinji)

Songs in this Anime

Opening Songs

Title Artist Debut Final episode appearence
Aim to Be a Pokémon Master
Rica Matsumoto Original series episode 1 Original series episode 80
Rica Matsumoto Original series episode 81 Original series episode 116
Rica Matsumoto Original series episode 117 Original series episode 191
Aim to Be a Pokémon Master (Whiteberry Version)
Whiteberry Original series episode 192 Original series episode 238
Ready Go!
Ready Go!
Naomi Tamura Original series episode 239 Original series episode 274
Advance Adventure
GARDEN Advanced Generation series episode 1 Advanced Generation series episode 69
Rica Matsumoto Advanced Generation series episode 70 Advanced Generation series episode 104
Pokémon Symphonic Medley
ポケモン シンフォニック メドレー
Pokémon Symphonic Orchestra Advanced Generation series episode 105 Advanced Generation series episode 134
Battle Frontier
Akina Takaya Advanced Generation series episode 135 Advanced Generation series episode 165
Akina Takaya Advanced Generation series episode 166 Advanced Generation series episode 191
T o g e t h e r
Fumie Akiyoshi Diamond and Pearl series episode 4 Currently ongoing

Ending Themes

Title Artist Debut Final episode appearence
Hundred and Fifty-One
Professor Oak (Unshō Ishizuka) and Pokémon Kids Original series episode 1 Original series episode 27
Meowth's Song
Nyarth (Inuko Inuyama) Original series episode 28 and 65 Original series episode 37 and 68
Fantasy in My Pocket
Sachi & Juri Original series episode 38 Original series episode 53
Pokémon Ondo
Garura Kobayashi, Dogars, Arbo Original series episode 54 and 104 Original series episode 64 and 104
Type: Wild
Rica Matsumoto Original series episode 69 Original series episode 103
Riding on Lapras
Mayumi Iizuka Original series episode 105 Original series episode 116
Meowth's Party
Nyarth (Inuko Inuyama) Original series episode 117 Original series episode 141
Exciting Pokémon Relay
Rikako Aikawa Original series episode 142 and 163 Original series episode 151 and 172
Exciting² Pokémon Relay
Rikako Aikawa Original series episode 152 Original series episode 156
Brock's Paradise
Takeshi (Yūji Ueda) Original series episode 157 Original series episode 161
To My Best Friend
Iwasaki Hiromi Original series episode 173 Original series episode 191
Facing Forward Team Rocket!
Rocket-dan (Musashi, Kojirō & Nyarth) Original series episode 192 Original series episode 238
Pokettari Monsutari
ポケッターリ モンスターリ
- Original series episode 239 Original series episode 274
Because the Sky is There
Toshiko Ezaki Advanced Generation series episode 1 and 45 Advanced Generation series episode 18 and 51
Polka O Dolka
Nyarth (Inuko Inuyama) & Nolsol Chorus Group Advanced Generation series episode 19 Advanced Generation series episode 44
Toshiko Ezaki Advanced Generation series episode 52 and 92 Advanced Generation series episode 82 and 98
Full of Summer!!
Naomi Tamura and the Himawari Chorus Advanced Generation series episode 83 Advanced Generation series episode 91
GLORY DAY ~That Shining Day~
GLORY DAY 〜輝くその日〜
GARDEN Advanced Generation series episode 99 and 150 Advanced Generation series episode 134 and 171
Pokémon Counting Song
Akiko Kanazawa Advanced Generation series episode 135 Advanced Generation series episode 149
I won't lose! ~Haruka's theme~
私、負けない! ~ハルカのテーマ~
Haruka (KAORI) Advanced Generation series episode 172 Advanced Generation series episode 191
By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~
私、負けない! ~ハルカのテーマ~
Grin Diamond and Pearl series episode 1 Currently ongoing


These are opening themes or ending themes from the Pokémon anime that fit in no other category.

Title Artist Debut Final episode appearence Other Notes
A New Oath
- 'The Legend of Thunder' Pokémon OVAs By the end of 'The Legend of Thunder' OVAs. This song theme was the opening theme and ending theme of 'The Legend of Thunder' OVAs.


  • The anime series' animator, Masaaki Iwane, had once stated that this series originally was to only have a 1½-year run, and would conclude at the end of the Kanto story arc, or Indigo League arc. However due to the popularity of the show during its run, the show was extended. This makes the Pokémon anime series to be one of the longest anime series running based on a video game.
  • Japan had once hosted a conference of one thousand critics from different countries, showing at least one hundred different animes. The Pokémon anime was placed second, gaining approval from 48 of the 1000 critics.

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