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R.O.D.: Read or Die is a manga title that was originally released in 2000 by Shueisha in Japan and is distributed in America by Viz Comics. The four volumes of the manga began distribution in the United States in March of 2006 and continued until September of the same year.


Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman, the protagonist of the story, is an agent of the British Library's "Special Operations Division," under the codename "The Paper." Yomiko is a "Papermaster." She has the ability to manipulate the properties of any paper she possesses, using it for anything from a soft landing cushion to an impenetrable barrier capable of stopping bullets. She is the 19th member of the Library of England's (as sometimes referred to in English translations) Special Operations Division. As such, she is often assigned to missions as "simple" as verifying a book's authenticity to ending threats to the world by book-based criminal organizations.

Outside of her duties in the Library, she works as a substitue teacher in Japanese schools. She is a "bibliophile," or a person who loves books. She has a tendency to take her love for books too far, as in the first issue of the manga, she has to be removed from her own lecture for suggesting an excessive amount of books for a book report she assigns at the start of the school year.


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