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The Slayers TV series is a comical adventure story set in the distant past in a diffrent universe. The story is of a fantasy genre and takes place over the course of three seasons, countless ova specials, and manga stories. The Slayers includes highly visual and very well designed magic and monster system that any fantasy buff will fall inlove with. Unlike the movies and special features, which include Naga as Lina's co-star, the TV series follows Lina's "later" exploits with Gourry and the gang. Originally broadcast from April to September, 1995, the first Slayers TV series was brought over to the United States by Software Sculptors, a subsidiary organization of Central Park Media.

The cast of characters include: Gourry Gabriev, Lina's not-so-smart sword wielding protector, Zeldgadis Greywords a chimera highbreed, Amelia, A princess of the White City and self devoted champion of justice (To note also Amelia is Naga's younger sister.) Rezo the Red Priest, a blind highly repsected mage and villan of the show, and of course Lina Inverse the star of the show. The Slayers consist of three seasons: Slayers-1st season, Slayers: Next-2nd season, and Slayers: Try-3rd season, plus five movies and 6 or 7 OVA's.


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