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Classification: mobile suit

Model Number: XXXG-01 S

Head Height: 16.4m

Dry Weight: 7.4tons

Pilot: Chang Wufei

Armor Materials: Gundanium Alloy

Armament: vulcan x2, beam glaive, dragon fang, flamethrower x2, shenlong shield, liaoya, beam cannon

Ability Levels

Fighting: 160

Weapons: 110

Speed: 130

Power: 140

Armored: 120

Technology & Combat Characteristics: The Gundam's primary armament consisted of head mounted vulcans, a Chinese/Japanese style "beam glaive", and a Chinese inspired "Dragon Fang" on the right arm. The fang itself is armed with "claws" for grappling an opponent and two flamethrowers on the sides.

Special Equipment & Features:

Fighting Sight A unique system installed in the shoulders and chest. During combat, it instantly calculates the precise position, movement, and weak points of an opponent.

Self-Destruct System The Shenlong Gundam was built to self-destruct should the pilot choose to. A remote detonator is placed within the cockpit and if a dire situation arrives, the pilot can destroy the Mobile Suit. The system was designed to overload its power systems and has enough explosive power to destroy several city blocks. It's a last option tactic if the pilot is incapable of protecting the Mobile Suit, while not allowing it to fall into enemy hands. It also can be used as one large explosive device to eradicate large targets.

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