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  === Real name:Nicoln Taveras Mendez
Was born on the tropical island Countryof the Dominican Republic. She was raised i the U.S.A and lives in New Jersey for as long as she can remember. ===


=== Her grandfather Guarionex Mendez Capellan, is a lawyer and her grandmother Patria Mena used to do pottery often known as ceramics.Her mother Soveyda Mendez Mena went to college but couldn't finish; married at the age 19 to Yony Taveras Beras. She has 14 uncles and aunts an older sister Katherine Taveras Mendez and twou younger siblings Laisha and Johnny Chris Tavras Mendez. ===


=== Nicoln's hobby is watching anime. She decided at the age of 14 that she'd move to Japan and own her own manga and anime studio. Before she could own her own business she'd have to go to the university and she would n Japan. She would write the scripts for most anime's her studio produced. ===

                      --Kawaii_TNikki 19:48, 21 August 2013 (EDT)Nicoln Taveras
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